Further trying new topics. This time talking a bit about running clothing, gear and some other useful things. Otherwise, it´s 2023 and a big part of winter training is already in the books, while training camps and races are getting closer and closer.

Since coming back from Germany, everything started melting again here in Latvia as well. The first days I was hopeful, but I underestimated the changing temperature levels creating often very icy roads. After one unsuccessful attempt to do fast sessions outside where I slipped and fell twice but luckily not really hurting myself, I decided to do my next tempo sessions on the treadmills at a local gym. I felt a bit stupid having not thought about it sooner but because of Covid I never considered running on a treadmill in a gym the previous two winters.  

Looking back on the training of the last month I am really satisfied how everything is progressing. The last three month I logged around 43h of training, and gradually increased the amount of running kilometers. My weakness is still doing enough strength training (pun intended) but on the other hand I have less incentive to do more in that area in terms of injury prevention as I generally don´t have injuries which are directly related to training(-volume).

Such a 2010-type of selfie..
Gear and stuff

I´ve been thinking a lot if I should write about this topic or not for several reasons. First, I don´t want to sound like I am selling anything, second my choices might not be the best choice for others, and neither do I want the post to look like a gear review page. So, I tried my best at mitigating those things in one way or another – take it or leave.  

Sports clothing and gear has come a long way and nowadays there are so many different brands and options available. I remember my grandfather talking about a 100k race he ran in two or three cotton shirts, luckily, we are past those days. 

I haven´t really had blisters in a very long time and in big part I attribute this to proper running socks and tying my shoes well [-> heel lock], next to having the right shoe size and correct shoe choice for the type of terrain in the first place of course. 

My go to running jackets have zipper air-vents under the arms and even a mesh option next to the front zipper and are wind resistant. They are officially water resistant as well but that´s not much worth when out running and the jacket is rubbing against your body, and waterproof in rain jackets is even more expensive and usually means way less breathability. I ran with these jackets in all kinds of weathers and didn´t care too much about the rain anyway then. Big other plus is the material dries quickly and doesn´t smell, even after running with it exclusively for more than one month and not washing it – believe me I say the last thing with experience and confidence.

I am big fan of running glasses especially in the summer, next to looking cool (or at least feeling so) and serving their obvious purpose, they also generally protect well against flying insects and other small debris.

Sources of motivation

I love watching sports but particularly I like reading and watching vlogs or personal stories of athletes. I like seeing the daily routine and struggles other athlete face and overcome, in which you often can see the dedication and determination of the athlete. So, here´s a list of recent favorites:

In particular did I like Gustav and Kristian saying that for recovery they don’t care about massages, boots or whatever but only about sleep & nutrition.

Top of the Brocken, Germany

Starting to resort to photos from 2020 for the title photo..

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