Colin Kolbe

Being born into an orienteering family loving the sport came naturally. Always liking to compete I set my mind on becoming part of the Nationalteam and was motivated to run races internationally. In 2013 and 2014 I was on the team but didn´t qualified for the european champs. The next year my motivation and will weren´t broken as I didn´t made it into the team but in the end I finally managed to qualify for EYOC. The following years I wanted to run at JWOC. Having some of the greatest times preparing and running JWOC in ´16, ´17 and in ´18 resulting even in a gold medal on the Sprint Distance. That all gave me next to a lot of joy and motivation also the confidence to continue pursing my goals, dreams in orienteering!

German Orienteer   

Born 1998

Living in Dortmund, Germany


TuS Lübbecke

Angelniemen Ankkuri  


  • Junior World Champion 2018 [Sprint] 
  • German Champion 2019 [Middle]
  • German Junior Champion 2018 [Sprint, Middle, Long]
  • ParkWorldTour Beijing 2018 Stage 3 win

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