Officially ending the season but already starting winter training as well.

I ran the last leg in the second relay team at this year´s final World Cup round in Davos because, in contrast to most others, I had already ended my season after WUOC and therefore was coming out of a period of resting. But we had five other runners, so I filled up the second team. The reason why I was mainly there, was the training camp which was planned after the races in the area around Davos as well as Laax in preparation for the World Champs next year held in Flims/Laax. After all the races this year it was fun to run only one race and that without much pressure. Although I was basically starting winter training, it took me a moment to enjoy the struggle orienteering can be sometimes. Two long runs in the mountains certainly helped to bring back a good training mood. 

Obviously, this means that I have not moved WOC next year out of focus for me. At the same time, I can´t disagree that I am currently significantly stronger in the sprint disciples as shown this year. Btw: A small season overview from Bojan and me can be watched in German here: .

Looking down towards Davos from the top of the Jakobshorn.

For my winter training it will not change anything either way, but I am planning to decide, if I will try to make it on the WOC team or not, the latest after the first World Cup round next year which is held in Norway. A (rather) early decision what to focus on could be helpful in more long term planning meaning that I could start sooner with my preparation for the more sprint focused second half of the season as well as the sprint world champs in 2024.

We will see but right now I am looking forward to some training uninterrupted by fun but often also exhausting hassle of the busy orienteering season 2022 was.

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