In 2022 I will start in my now fourth elite season. It feels a bit strange, I am not sure if should start to feel old now but that might be a different issue. Either way I am healthy, training and am certainly looking forward to the next season.

I thought a bit about if I should add a question mark behind the title or not, a prior title was also simply “Another one” but both versions didn´t convey the excitement and motivation for the next season. My winter training is going basically as planned so far and I feel healthy and fit. This year´s winter training is really about continuity as uni keeps me quite busy this semester, nonetheless the focus was usually on doing the key sessions right and getting through the whole winter like that. In the last weeks snow and cold temperatures were limiting me a bit, but I tried doing at least a base effort. I probably would have switched for some sessions to indoor bike and treadmill in a gym, but I was a covid-contacting person so the unfortunate timing of both removed that option. Luckily, I stayed healthy and with two PCR-tests also checked that I am not infected without knowing it, enabling me to continue training.

Usually, winter training is going well for me, so usually I get confident through out the training period for the next season. This holds up for the last two winters as well but what does not so much is the motivation part. Of course, I was always motivated but this winter it feels different, a bit more like it used to feel like in the winters as a junior. Right now, I feel confident about the next season, given of course that training continues like this. I think a big part is a change in my mindset which I tried to work on which is again like in the junior years where it was that you can´t lose, so you can only win. Not meaning that every result is a win and neither that goals are low but simply focusing on what I want to and can achieve and not on where I could fail.

© Janis Ligats [Riga, 08.2021]

The year is obviously coming to an end, so I shortly want to thank all my supporters – without you I would not be able to continue fighting for and chasing my dreams!

The end of the year means also new year´s eve or in German ‘Sylvester’ which this year means again another one as in another Sylvester training camp with good old friends, just training, having fun all day and probably playing some intense “Risk – in chase of becoming world champion” – maybe the last part could have been the title as well.

Anyway, have a nice Christmas, “guten Rutsch” and see you next year.

| PS: You could also read the title as a reference to the legendary Star Wars themed 24h relay team I was part of in 2015. Great memories..

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