A quick update over the last weeks, a short reasoning for why I chose not to go to some competitions and an outlook for the next months.

My winter training officially started yesterday with the beginning of November, although I was already in ‘pre’ winter training for the month of October. So why did I decide against running WorldCup in Italy and a sprint weekend in Denmark? For the WC I just didn´t feel ready. I kind of decided already after the WC in Sweden that I don´t want to go as I was just not on a level where I am anywhere close to being a competitor in those races. I was missing simply too much (forest) orienteering training over the last two years, in addition I also wasn´t particularly trained for steep hills either. 

For the sprint races in Denmark, I was first considering of going there but after getting a cold in mid-September there was a dent in my training again and a bit of low motivation to prepare for tough races. Instead, I was eager to start training for the next season, so October ended up being a buffer to train decently without doing too much intense sessions – basically giving the body a bit of rest and at the same time getting ready for winter training itself. It sounds a bit strange to ‘prepare’ for that but at the same time it made sense (for me) to get the body used to structured training again and include some regular strength again, which I omitted a bit too much over the previous months.

So, the next months are about plain training – yeah! Right now, I am really motivated to put some effort into my training as I feel like I am having a good physical basis to work with and get ready for the next season which will include a lot of sprint-races (WC in Sweden, WOC in Denmark, WorldGames in USA). Hopefully, everything will go as smooth as the last few weeks and hopefully enabling me to run (well) in those races. 

© Title photo: Santa Sinka [at Stirnubuks in Ogre, 10.2021]

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