The third round of WorldCup races is coming up this weekend in Laufen, Switzerland. The town´s name already promises running, making it proper place to host some intense orienteering races. 

[Editor´s Note: I often schedule posts to be published, I also often forget about that again, till I see it the posts linked on WorldofO or get a message from my coach (thanks!;). This last one titled “Miles and more” again was one of those cases where I had an idea but not a completely finished post and tried to push myself to finish it by setting a publishing date – did not work I would say… (Also: always wanted to write “Editor´s Note” – fun fact)]

The first race will be a middle distance on Friday, followed by a (hopefully) long & intense knock-out sprint on Saturday and a normal sprint on Sunday.

Since last week´s Thurday I also got slowly into competition mode as I wasn´t so much into training but race don´t want to train anymore which is a good thing as I get this kind of mood close before important races and just want to race! I am happy how the training progressed after the german middle champs and had some good interval sessions to get prepared for the sprint heavy WC races. Eager but also nervous I am looking forward to finally perform at an important race(-weekend) this year and also feeling in shape for it! 

WorldCup (GPS-tracking & Liveresults are free): 

WorldCup No.3

Map of Laufen

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