This year has been the most incredible year in my life so far. So many new places visited, terrains ran, people met…and the big “life-changing” win at JWOC Sprint 2018 have now brought me here.

I already had the idea of starting a blog and creating my own webpage for some time now as I always liked and still like reading about other athletes training and developments. Now I have a reasonable standpoint to create such a blog myself where I can present myself, share my thoughts about my training  and also reflect on my own developments.

But before I will start the blog itself I want to say “Thank you!” to all the people who helped me achieve what I have achieved this year and supported me in one way or another towards my goals.

It starts of course with my parents who always believed and supported me in my doings, believing in me even when I was in doubt myself. Then of course my brother who let´s me share his flat and with whom it´s still the most fun to battle in sports or whatever there is to be better in.

Family is followed by friends. I found my three best friends and competitors in orienteering. It´s always fun with you guys!

And now to the person who played the biggest role of getting me here: my coach Alexander Lubina. Being an ex-pro runner and orienteer himself I know I can trust in what he´s saying. From training to everything important around training he always finds an answer to my questions which makes him the best coach I can imagine!

There are of course a lot of other people I could mention here but I will lastly name one other person which is Thomas Meier who is the National Team´s coach and also played a big role in bringing me here but more importantly gave me some important last words before my biggest success this year!

So yes, thank you all and everyone else who I didn´t directly named but supported and believed in me. I hope you will continue doing so because I will continue doing my best in achieving my goals and dreams.



PS: I give my best to write clean English so I am sorry for any mistakes but I believe as long as the facts are correct it´s all fine… (I will blame any uncorrected language mistake on C.P.)

Zudem wird es am Ende jeden Artikels eine Flagge zum Übersetzen (Google Translator) des Texts ins Deutsche geben. Falls nicht schon von vornherein Chrome genutzt wird…

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Fight · 7. January 2019 at 17:12

Nice to read this. Since I am not a runner any more I will definitly put a lot of my competitness in you and support you with everything you want.
It is great to see somebody who lives my own dreams. Go forward, risk something and believe in the future. I know that you can archieve some great things.
Vamos! Vamos!

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