The first thing I realize every time I am sick or injured is the sudden freedom in my daily schedule. It suddenly does not really matter anymore at what time I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and also what or how much I eat. It does not matter when I go to bed or how long I sleep. It simply does not matter when I do any other activity physically or mentally demanding or not because the main driving force behind my schedule – training – is gone.

Organizing your day and everything else around your sport, and therefore usually training sessions, is obviously a key factor if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your training. Personally it makes a huge difference if my stomach is calm and my head ready to focus on training and not too involved with anything else.

Suddenly loosing this structured rhythm feels just weird right now, especially as I have been planning to actually focus more on training since mid-august as uni and exams were done and I finally had the time to enjoy summer, although more the end of it as I notice the leaves slowly turning yellow & brown.

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The last weeks went quite as planned. Actually, the last months went quite well, of course here and there some things didn´t go as planned, like one Saturday morning where I crashed into an opening car door or simply too much stress with uni. So after uni ended and I had written most of my exams it was finally time to come together with the national team and do a training camp in the amazing terrains in the Engadin, Switzerland.

I didn´t do so much orienteering in the weeks prior, besides some sprint trainings, so I was pleased to see that I was doing an okay to good job in the forest. Although there is enough, I noticed I need to improve on currently, too.

It doesn’t matter too much right now though as I managed to break a finger in the last training 15´ into the session in the most unspectacular way which is running slow, slipping and falling to the side and with my body crashing my compass and hand in to the ground.

Being now again in Latvia where I was looking forward to run in some competitions, I instead can´t do any orienteering for at least another two weeks and for sure shouldn´t risk falling in a race any time soon.

I know I am complaining on a high level but too be honest I started to think that the approach of thinking that it could always be worse is rather depressing. It´s just a broken finger but it made me unable to really enjoy the races and last weeks of summer in this weird year.

I am happy that I am allowed to slowly start running cautiously again but missing out on what is basically my life just sucks there is just no other way to say it.

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